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Sales and Marketing Workshop:

How to Win the Job; Without Leaving your Profit on the Table

  • Explore strategies and concepts for winning the job that are successfully used in our industry.
  • Understand which techniques will enable you to win the job and start getting paid sooner.
  • Uncover what information your specific buyer needs to make decisions whether you are selling to homeowners or business owners/managers.
  • See how and when to present this information to expedite a successful sale with confidence.

Presented by:

Mike Gorman, Techknowledge Systems


Technical Workshop:

Piping and Controls for Retrofitting Pellet Boilers to Existing Heating Systems

Most pellet boilers are installed in buildings with existing heating systems. This Workshop will discuss several approaches to optimize both the pellet boiler operation and the use of the existing boiler. It will discuss several piping and control strategies that are relevant to different existing systems and specific goals of the completed system. For example: Should the pellet boiler be used to heat domestic hot water during warm weather, or should that task be handled by the existing boiler?

Presented by:

John Siegenthaler – Appropriate Designs